Thursday, 31 March 2011

let's start it again..

ok, i admitt it! i had never blogging since the spm result..
it is not because i'm frustrated on my spm result,
it did preety well what! hehehe
(riak kjp!)
it is actually, i've been thinking and had a few nighmares on this.
which path should i go through??
medic? engineering? teaching? or else???
i know..
at this particullar time, i should have 'something' of what i want to be in the future..
in simpler word..yes! AMBITION.
but medic is still my first option..
although it has both pros n cons..
for examples, medic is quite tough, tons of sillibus, a very expensive course n you should love it like maddness b'cos you have to face the risk of seeing the dead-surgery-blood n so on.
i've no intension to frightened you guys..but seriously, it is!!
but, think again!
the pros-it is worth!
m'sia requires a lot of doctors have not to woory 'bout the 'pengangguran' things.
the salary..fuhh! rm4K for the houseman..
(like want to cry now.. :'))
n one more thing, the tittle..
imagine this! Dr. Fatin Nabila..

*seem it's like a name tag right? hehe..
honestly, i made this last year..when i was going to sit for SPM.
this is a thing that can increase my spirit to study..yet, my motivation to study harder~

so, my current mood- is hoping n prying for the best..amin!!


  1. done following u dear :)
    btw pasal hlovate tue, baru nak berjinak :)

  2. sherry- thnks a lot :)
    sarah- tq!!