Saturday, 3 March 2012

Malam Emas PASUM 2011/2012

it's 1.54 am already that i've sacrificed my sleep to update this!
ok, wake up fatin!!
malam emas or golden night is a dinner party to celebrate Asasian student for each year/batch.. and i guess, i'm the lucky one as PASUM has been 35 years old!!
but, we have to pay RM100 lar.. for this year, the event was held at Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur- different from the previous years which was held at PICC..
bukan stakat makan jer malam tadi..award seperti, best lecturer, best students, best dress and mcm2 performance pun ada..but the best part is the photography session..
time ni lar semua nak dress up baek punye! nnti ramai lar yang nak bergambar ngan korang..!~
yg hot stuff gak yang beruntung! macam aku.. (bkn lar aku hot stuff..), punya lar tak malu bergambar ngan sorang mamat ni! sungguh memalukan aku kira~
 *Naufal is my, mmg tk malu nak bergambar ngan dia..
korang tengok jer lar sndiri gambar2 kt bawah ni..
nnti, insyaAllah, aku upload lain..from Ruzaimah.. hehe!

*i will miss this for the rest of my life!!~

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