Monday, 21 February 2011

*belleza (beauty)

many said this tittle is very 'subjective' for me, it's depands on you..
actually, me neither have no reason why accidently i come out with this issue.
maybe b'cuz i am an ordinary girl..(yes, i am)

for me (represent the girls)..both inner and external beauty are important..
we do care of our appearance- how's the shirt, dress, scarf, shoes and sometimes, the perfume too??..
should us?!!?
and we are constantly jealous of how slim the models are and what a gorgeous of them that can suit that expensive dress nicely..somehow-what a sharp cheek!! (criteria of a model)..
-see! they are beautiful-

but, don't forget..most of the men are concern of inner beauty too.(really huh?)
and..this is quite biggie for me..heheheh

inner beauty...emm, inner beauty. ok! inner tu have same meaning with dalaman.sama lah roh kan?
as long as, jaga sembahyang, recite al-quran, jaga relationship ngan parents, tambah ilmu agama sikit2..insyaAllah, akhlak pun akan 'beautiful' jugak..
sebab, as a human, Allah bagi kita masing-masing kelebihan and kelemahan..Allah tu kan Maha Adil.

 -muslimah can look gorgeous too-

thus, we should ask ourselves, wheather..we want to be looked as chick, trendy or sophisocated girl (physically) or a charming girl(inside).
*and being ourselves is not wrong but try to be a better of ourselves.believe me, it is not a hipocrite...


  1. No doubt, the guy with the blue shirt is pretty darn handsome.

    Well, actually models are just potraying like an art. That art sometimes, isn't quite what the market wants. Infact, some of those clothes you can't wear because we live in hot country.

    Yup, you are right, outer and inner beauty is important. But what's inside actually becomes the outer (if you get what I mean)

  2. i got it..
    and thanks for 'follow' me..