Friday, 15 March 2013

This path isn't easy, i'm tellin' you!

Assalamualaikum dearest reader..
As you guys know i'm now in UM, the oldest university in the country and bla...bla..bla..
(too much to tell about it. if you wish to, just google it)..
and studying medicine..and bla..bla..bla
(you think i'm trying to be proud?)
no kidding man..when people said medicine is hard, i said them LIAR! (not 'liar' in bahasa, ok.) 
but, when i'm face it..the one who when through it (i mean myself)..its not that easy, i would say..
get it? MEDICINE IS NOT HARD, BUT IT AINT THAT EASY.. (mean the same for some people)
well, i still not give it up, but apparently i'm still keep failing...oh man!! how i could describe this..
if you think this is rubbish, just dont read it ok..cuz i want to spill it out!! (you can consider it as vomit if you want to). i'm warning you..

i though medic is the only think i can possibly do.
my math is worst..simple calculation can even sometimes confusing..
language is even more..identify any grammar mistakes up there? sure do..

and i though by studying in Malaysia is the best decision, if i wish to become a top student in the faculty- its easier as if i just need to compete with my people not the foreigners..

medic is easy if you know how to deal with it..its like a wild horse. you need to know how to manage it, how to touch it, to make it likes you too... if not, bye bye! it will left you. (please be with me~)

maybe there are hikmah behind all this..yup, i'm forget to mention about the JPA thinggy that makes feel so bad, worsen my emotion.. i didn't manage to get JPA at first. most probably i used to reject it.. but it's ok now. i got the money..BUT! i got less than the other..when i checked, they told me that in their record, mine is not Medic but Akademi Pengajian Islam, Syariah! 

so many things going on that sometimes i felt so bad for myself..UJIAN! yup, i will consider it as ujian/ test from The Highest.. i just need to SABAR..  as Allah has mentioned in His Quran:

And be patient, for indeed, Allah does not allow to be lost the reward of those who do good. (11:115)

Masya-Allah..may Him ease everything..amin~


  1. fatin, it's true and very true about everything you say. But if we have faith in Allah also in ourself, in shaa Allah..we can do it! :)

    Dr. Fatin Nabila. Jom, niat study kerana Allah, and also niat becoming a doctor as ibadah.. :)

    hihii,, aku ni tulis reti. ckp tak reti. tp buat, in shaa Allah. :) hehee.. hope you're doing fine. :)

  2. fatin, ingat aku lagi? same goes to me here. kalau nak tahu, dugaan aku dekat sini lagi banyak, takpe, kau boleh punya, kami kelas isnin sampai sabtu. penat tak payah nak cakap, kadang2 ada masa free tu, rasa nak penuhkan dengan tidur je, itu pun jarang dapat, sebab rasa banyak lagi subjek tak master. kadang2 terpikir, orang yang amek medic ni, i'Allah orang yang betul2 terpilih. Allah kan tak akan beri dugaan kalau tahu hamba Dia tak mampu kan? =)

    btw, pasal JPA tu, tak boleh settle ke?

  3. fairuz, yampe (aku ingat kau lagi..)
    insyaAllah..aku doakan kita berjaya jadi doktor..amin!
    (fatin nabila)