Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Plans.

as you all now, PASUM has already ended about 2 weeks ago and surprisingly i've done nothing at home..once again- NOTHING!
Thus, i have to plan again what i should do during this period.. i don't want my time be wasted for unnecessary thing..here are my plans..

  • get my driving licence
  • finish up my novels- Camilla and Oprah (biography)
  • work!- anything
  • need to lose some weight..! - this is crucial!! 
at first, i thought i want to do something like 'one day, one dessert' thing. something like i will bake a dessert per day and i will post it to this blog..kinda cool huh? oh, no way!! an impossible thing actually..
yes, there is no doubt that i do love baking but please think for a while of the cost..i don't own a bakery shop lar..and probably, no one will ask the me, "Eh, how do bake them ha?"..and that plan has to be buried.. though i do bake some cupcakes last Saturday when i went to Kolej Matrikulasi Perak to visit my friends..
At the moment, losing weight is my main goal..i am not ashame to tell you that i am 57kg- officially!. that is A LOT OF WEIGHT YOU KNOW!
it was all of sudden that i realize i need to back in shape after watching Made on MTV this evening..

i thing i know where to start and hopefully everything is going to be fine..and most importantly, i can get my ideal weight.. 

*it's not about how i look but how i feel (healthier..)

Thursday, 19 April 2012

my lomo photos...

alhamdulillah, my lomo photo has already printed.. and i'm too excited before i see the result..
the pictures are nice but the quantity are unexpected..!
out of 36 shoot i managed to get 16 of them..T_T
nevermind, since this is my first time using it- i should 'really think about it' before sent it to lab...
but, i still grateful cuz i love them all~!!

i just show some of them je ye...
*i miss those moment...!! so much!~

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

lomo lor!

whoa!! berabad aku tak post ape2 kt blog ni..
adeh..tak ada masa lar katakan.. (ayat standard)..
sekarang, tak boleh nak cakap tak ada masa sebab aku frrreeee smapai bulan Jun or Disember (depend result cgpa aku nanti)..terlebih2 masa!
yup, aku dah selamat tamatkan asasi, PASUM-last week. kiranya dah 3 hari aku kat rumah..and, i'm totally clueless apa nak buat!!
maybe, start ambil lesen kereta minggu depan and insyaAllah nak kerja jgk...
ok, enough..where the spotlight? meh, suluh sini..haha
seminggu before final sem tamat, aku, jannah and ruzaimah went to SS2, PJ mencari kedai The Click Shop..yup, dengan niat nak beli kamera lomo..
aku dah lama mencari benda alah ni..alang2 dah kat KL, memang aku beli terus lar..
kalau korang cam was2 apakah lomo ni sebenarnya, rajin2 lah google yer.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lomography

lomo ada banyak version camera..macam2 jenis, macam2 brand dan macam2 harga.. ni antaranya..

that La Sardina is mine..heheh.. isn't they cute? it only cost me about RM200++ for those yang betul2 in love photography like me memang tak kisah how much it cost..as long as it is affordable for student like me..

  • This is important..certain people kena fikir dua, tiga kali before beli lomo ni sebabnya it cost u a lot of money..yup, memang lar lagi murah daripada DSLR tapi, this type of camera use film..FILM ok.. that u have to go kedai gambar to 'cuci' them.. not like digital camera that u can simply upload them in Facebook, Twitter or Blog..
  • So, bila nak snap pun kena fikir empat, lima kali that it's worth to snap that picture/moment..
  • Kualiti gambar korang bergantung pada filem korang..Yes, kalau korang pakai film biasa, mmg gambar yang dah dicuci mmg gambar biasa..and maybe a little bit blur sebab lens lomo ialah lens plastik..
  • Conclusionnya, pakai lomo is great for brain sebab before beli nak kena fikir, time snap kena fikir, nak hantar pergi cuci pun kena fikir..amacam?! nope, aku bukan nak buat korang discourage tapi, that's reality..
  • Kalau korang betul2 dah determine nak beli sebijik lomo (mcm aku)..korang tak rugi sebab gambar2 dia sgtlah lawa.. 

ni sample jer...

The Ten Golden Rules
  1. Take your camera everywhere you go.

  2. Use it any time – day and night.

  3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it.

  4. Try the shot from the hip.

  5. Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible.

  6. Don't think.

  7. Be fast.

  8. You don't have to know beforehand what you captured on film.

  9. Afterwards either.

  10. Don't worry about any rules.

    *Aku pun baru jer hantar satu roll film kt kedai gambar..esok baru ambil..so, wait and see the result.. :)