Friday, 16 November 2012

The Dreams Are Now A Reality

Assalamualaikum and alhamdulillah..
Alhamdulillah for everthing that Allah has given, gives and will give to me..
as i mentioned earlier, i wish i had time to write and tell you everything what i had been gone through after PASUM life..

1.I was offered to further my study in University of Malaya.
2.I was offered to study medicine.
3.I finally got my car licence.
4.Officially known as medical student for 2 months..

i think those are the most obvious and life changing part that that been happened to me recently.
Yup, alhamdulillah. i've almost achieve my ambition- but it took me 5 years to become a real doctor!

If you read Maria Elena's blog,, she posted about dream.
I would say, we have the same dreams- study medicine and studying overseas. But the latter was my priority. Why? I've always jealous when people especially M'sian student who post their pictures in local newspaper during the Eid Mubarak... urghh~ (not annoying but sooo jealous)
plus, my cousin (kakak saudara) study in Japan.. she is my inspiration me to study overseas, but with one aim..'i can study overseas without going to boarding school!'

To be honest, i've almost achieve those dreams, Maria and you all~ until, i reject the offer and went to PASUM for my matriculation.

that is it..the dreams. Allah knows better and InsyaAllah He will give you the best...

*i just realize that my recent post was not that educational..meaning, the posts were rubbish and too "me" stream. i will improve later..till then, assalam..

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