Monday, 4 April 2011

The 8 Lucky People..

well dylan, thnks for tagging me..n said that i'm "ORANG PERAK PALING BIJAK"huhuhu!! kalu bijak sgt, cnfirm i dpt straight A lol..btw, thanks again..

nak tag sape yerk?? well, this blog is not recently updated by the owner
so, tak rpt sgt ngn followers2 except you dylan and a few friends of mine..

*but, i think that i'm quite HOT!!
betul what! perak skrang sgt panas..but kat pelis, banjir plak!
kuasa Tuhan, Dia yang Maha Mengetahui..


  1. haha...fatin2..hows ur result sweetie??plan continue study kt mne??

  2. umm, 9a 1b jek..B, tassawur plak tuh..kalau ade rezeki, nk jpa, tgok la dlu mne2 twaran..