Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Why I Love Photography So Much..?

I believe every person are the same..
they have an equal strength and weakness.
same thing goes to me..
I might be a person that have no talent at all when it comes to drawing..
(my drawings are worst than kindergarten's kids)
and i found that photography is the simplest medium for me to preserve all the memory..
since i still could not afford a DSLR for myself, lomo become my best friend.. (at the moment)
landscaping isn't my thing but potret-ing do..
watching Paul Smith's show last night do inspire my to capture everything that i find interesting.
yup, he is a designer but he become a photographer when he shoot by himself his new collection..

for some people they like to share their experience through blogging, story telling, writing in the diary, facebooking or twittering..
as for myself, i prefer photographing and story telling..
unfortunately, I'm kind of person that oftenly forgot what i said! *sigh
so, having a 'printed memory' in my hand, help me a lot overcome my weakness..
and here are some photos that have become my favorite..

*this is why i love photography.. <3