Sunday, 7 August 2011

Oh Malaysia!!!

as a Malaysian..
i've always been proud and grateful to live in such a peaceful country..
we are multi-racial- Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh and more..
i used to have them as my bestfriends..
Sukhdip, Haashini, Mui Kwan, Vaneesa, Nadia..
and we talk in the same language- Bahasa Malaysia!..

well, Malaysia had a lot to talk too!
too mannnyyyy...

besides, i don't even need to go abroad for vacation or anything else..
as Malaysia have it too!
we produce our own strawberries even though Malaysia is located on the equator..
we have sandy i love Langkawi Island!!! 
i always thought our family vacation last year was somewhere out of Malaysia..
the scene was completely different from the ordinary. i felt like i was in Bali or Phuket..
(although, never been there..)
and in the cable car was the best!

met the Egypt couple..we were in the same cable car.

and if you think when you don't want to go abroad 
because you are goin' to see the 'hugging' and 'kissing' scene in the public..
NO..M'sia also got!
don't need to spend thousands to go abroad to watch such scene..
you can watch it FREE!!
(tak tau samada nk bngga atau x..)

i'm not being porno or whatever in this Ramadhan month,
but i'm sad..angry.. and frustrated!!
in such a beautiful month, there is still a lot of maksiat out there...
yes, setan are gone but 'nafsu' is still there...
that couple is Malay plak tu! 
couples yg holding hands don't say lar...berlambak!!
pkai tudung jer lebih....tapi, batas tak tau!
mostly girl yg mcm ni pkai tudung semata-mata ikut trend..
style lar konon..
konon alim! tapi, short sleeves..
siap ber'legging'!
benci betol aku dgn org2 mcm ni....
da lar, kurang plak pahala puasa aku!!...


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