Friday, 5 August 2011

and finally...

yup.. finally, Mid-sem test is ovveerrrrrrr!!!
(i know, it just a 'mid-sem'..not 'final-sem' yet. but, hey! at least, i can know how is my performance within this two months here.)
suddenly, i want to write this in English..why?? because i'm in R3 group..and not N1/N2/N3 groups yer!
most of the students in that group are communicating in fully English..not "Melayu-English=Manglish'..and they are said to be elit students..(i guess so..)
off course, sometimes i feel ashamed or the best word is 'looked down' by this bunch of groups..
as they have more tutorials than us..
the most importantly is, their tutors are among the lecturers!
can you see the 'benefits' of being members of that group..

ok, back to the point! 
mid sem is over..
overall, i quite satisfy with performance except for Chemistry and Algebra...
(although, things already happen...)
but, i'm sure i could do better if i did a lot of Biology and Physics.
just wait and see lar the results.!.
either cry of happiness or vice versa..

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