Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Plans.

as you all now, PASUM has already ended about 2 weeks ago and surprisingly i've done nothing at home..once again- NOTHING!
Thus, i have to plan again what i should do during this period.. i don't want my time be wasted for unnecessary thing..here are my plans..

  • get my driving licence
  • finish up my novels- Camilla and Oprah (biography)
  • work!- anything
  • need to lose some weight..! - this is crucial!! 
at first, i thought i want to do something like 'one day, one dessert' thing. something like i will bake a dessert per day and i will post it to this blog..kinda cool huh? oh, no way!! an impossible thing actually..
yes, there is no doubt that i do love baking but please think for a while of the cost..i don't own a bakery shop lar..and probably, no one will ask the me, "Eh, how do bake them ha?"..and that plan has to be buried.. though i do bake some cupcakes last Saturday when i went to Kolej Matrikulasi Perak to visit my friends..
At the moment, losing weight is my main goal..i am not ashame to tell you that i am 57kg- officially!. that is A LOT OF WEIGHT YOU KNOW!
it was all of sudden that i realize i need to back in shape after watching Made on MTV this evening..

i thing i know where to start and hopefully everything is going to be fine..and most importantly, i can get my ideal weight.. 

*it's not about how i look but how i feel (healthier..)

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