Monday, 20 February 2012

mix feelings..

this week i told you is to most hectic week for my entire life..!
hectic in term of money- specifically..
last week (after mid sem exam), me and my friend decided to 'jalan-jalan cari pasal' around KL..hehehe
we went to Sungei Wang, BB Plaza, Pavilion, KLCC, Ampang Park in one day~
then, last night i went to Mid Valley to celebrate my friend's birthday seems this is the last moment we are going to celebrate it together..PASUM only one year jer~ 
the freaking part is that, i was persuaded to buy a Ralph Lauren perfume for can i tahan to that offer!!! giler ke, da la Original..cannot tahan! then, i buy it..
at first, i decided to give it to someone as present..but now, i want it for myself..
yup, i am materialistic.. and last night was the worst!! somehow, i told myself that 'bukan boleh minum or makan pun perfume tu! tak mengenyangkan...''
(already feel bad on myself!)

here is our photo last week..creadit to Ruzaimah! glad you bring your psal2 jd photographer tk diiktiraf..!


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