Monday, 23 May 2011

*this is hard..

today's post should be i'm describing my first day of  Program Pendedahan Kerjaya Seorang Doktor, a MUST programme handled by JPA..
so far, i'm enjoying my day..although 70% of the first day is by listen to the ceramah..
i get the real picture of this career, which require-
-full commitment/dedication
-good communication..
and most importantly is 
nothing much has change my decision of being a doctor at the first moment,
but then..
when the Dato' Dr. HSS Amar gave his speech, it change everything..
it is because, he mentioned that those countries that you should not go to further study. sorry, i cannot text them here..but, one of it is Russia..
the thing is, i'm the only student there who got the scholar to further there..!
how come i'm not worry!!
this is not my first time of being frightened to pursue my study there,
because, recently..i have do my personal research..
asking experts' opinion on this..
even, solat istikarah..
and finally, i've made the decision!
of rejecting the scholar..

you may think that i'm stupid..
by letting go this Peluang Keemasan..
hello, studying in the overseas is my dream since i was a kid!
but, i guess i have a solid reason..

1. Russia..i'm most favorable to further to Ireland.but JPA don't offer it.. except for the twinning program.
(the doctor said that the grads are not that incompetent..not all)
2. Those who got the twinning program are all straight 10A+.. i'm most probably the only non-straight A+ who lucky enough to get the scholarship..
3. 6 years in Russia?will fly by next year? i don't think that i've the strength of not to seeing them for almost a year..i'm from sekolah harian only.. 
4. let say, during my first year to Russia, i might change my mind of not taking medicine due to the different environment of study(fully english+ some russian language) (i'm not a predictable person).
5. Malaysia had enough doctors..this is a fact. i just saw it just now! a few years back, we hardly see doctors in wards.if there is doctors, they are old doctors..have grey hair. but, what i see just now..each ward, has about 3-5 doctors/ward.. and all of them are very young!.. can call 'abang' and 'kakak'..

so, to be demanding in this field, i choose to go to UM..for Asasi Sains Hayat..
this is a very tough decision! b'cos everybody expect me to go abroad..especially family..
but, i do this for myself..for my future...
i know i have to struggle to grab 4.00 but, why not?
as long as i'm happy, enjoy the moment of gaining knowledge..
i think i can be fine..especially that i can visit my parents often.
 my main goal is that give all my best!!

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